Company Profile

The Agi Interiors team consists of a group of dynamic professionals (Engineers, Architects, Site Supervisors, Project Manager, and Interior Designers) with a wide variety of personalities. One thing is for sure that they’re all PASSIONATE about design, and work their darnedest to deliver their best to their clients! Working together in harmony, they make a complex renovation project a breeze. While leveraging all their experience, attention to detail, industry connections, communication and negotiation, and creativity, they bring the artistry of design to life.

Customer Service:
We are dedicated to delivering the best to our valued clients, be it answering any questions or concerns within 24 hours, or being transparent with our project management process, supplying paperwork and receipts. We stand behind and guarantee the standard of quality!

We at Agi Interiors are superior listeners, because after all, a house does not make a home, only the people who live in it make it a home. We take the time to ask questions and to understand your NEEDS, WANTS, BUDGET, TASTE, and LIFESTYLE to custom design the right space and atmosphere for you.

Agi Interiors has gained in-depth experience in residential space design, designing over 1,000 kitchens over the span of 10 years in addition to many bathrooms, living rooms, bedroom and custom closets.

We understand how challenging it is to live in Vancouver, the second most expensive city in all the English speaking cities around the world. Therefore, we work very hard to deliver you value, by passing on the cost savings from our designer discount with suppliers, by sourcing out the most cost effective contractors, and by managing the project carefully to avoid additional cost due to mistakes or oversight.

We are a resourceful and flexible team of professionals, who stand by our promise, meeting the challenges and vision of every project, small to large, with integrity.